Steampunk Jewellery

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Hello everyone,

We’ve been pretty busy lately working on our projects and everything else. I have been posting on our facebook page but haven’t had much time to do a blog so I am just going to do a quick one now.

I have mostly been working on doing steampunk jewellery for the market while Fausto has been working on designs for prints. I have updated our wordpress website so you can Β see everything we’ve been doing.

I’ve still got lots more steampunk designs to do so keep up with our facebook page for the latest designs. We’re building up stock for the market we are hoping to do later in the year and then we’ll be doing an etsy or madeit Β store to sell them online. πŸ™‚

Here’s some of the latest designs, check out the new Jewellery page for the whole collection.

We’re are alsoΒ working on a new print series which we will be posting up soon.



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