Feline Origins complete!


Hi everyone,

I realise it’s been almost a month since I have posted here but it’s been a busy one! For those of you who haven’t been checking in on facebook we’ve been posting each of the new Feline Origins designs each week and we just posted out last three yesterday which means we’re all set to go to the printers and start selling these awesome designs.

We have a market lined up for next month (details to follow on facebook) and some will be up on the Supergraph website in November. So all you crazy cat people start picking your favourites!

We’ve been working on this series for the last six months and are super happy of the results. A lot of hours and endless “discussions” went into each design and they were all inspired by our love of cats and art.

We came upon this idea earlier this year when we were at an art exhibit that showcased a few very cute cat cartoons. Using my knowledge of cats and their breeding and Fausto’s awesome designer mind, we researched the countries of origin for cat breeds and decided to incorporate iconic headdresses of the original countries with their cats. Of course there are more than twenty countries that have created their own cat breeds and many countries, like the USA, have multiple breeds and are still actively part of creating new breeds so we had to narrow it down. Then we set out to research each breed and country. Some country’s headdress’ and traditions were quite hard to find so we had to improvise a little so some of them may not be that accurate (sorry 😦 ) but we think they all turned out great and while they may not be 100% accurate they’re beautiful kitties all the same. 😀


Feline Origins by Fallen Into Fantasy designs

Feline Origins by Fallen Into Fantasy designs


Check out our Illustration page for the larger versions of each design. I’ll be posting up a poll later for everyone to vote for their favourite designs. We’re hoping to narrow them down to 12 designs so we can get calendars made for 2015. 😀

Keep checking our facebook page, we’ll be posting up our market date soon and some of these prints will be up on the Supergraph website in November for purchase.


Stay tuned cat fans and let us know which are your favourite designs 🙂






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