Silver jewellery


Hi everyone,

We’ve been MIA for the last few weeks due to all our own projects but I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve been working on. Fausto has started his new University course and is busy working on pitches for clients so he’ll be out of it for a while.

We had a super fun time at Supergraph. It was great seeing our work on exhibition. 😀 Still waiting to hear back about how many prints we sold but it was great seeing all the other amazing work done by other artists.


Now on to me. I’ve been doing a silver jewellery smith course for the last few months because I am hoping to expand my jewellery designs into sterling silver. The course is great and I am learning a lot. I’ve already starting designing my new pieces and buying all my supplies slowly (phew gonna cost a lot).

Here are some of the pieces I’ve completed in class.

stackrings flowerearringsstudearringsgeo

I’ve finished a couple more rings which are being polished at the moment and will be ready next week. Now I am working on my last project which is a bangle. 😀

I’ll be posting up more pics when they’re all done.

Also we have joined RedBubble and have starting putting our prints on awesome products. Check them out at

Stay tuned.



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