About Us


Fallen into Fantasy design is a brand created by artists Stephanie Wehner and Fausto Gallego to bring together our love of art and handmade.

As artists we are greatly influenced by nature, wildlife and Japanese culture. We have incorporated these elements into each piece of art we create and always strive to minimise our environmental impact and educate our customers.

Our environmentally friendly silver jewellery is made with recycled materials and our studio avoids the use of harsh chemicals during creation to ensure we have a low environmental impact. We love working with our hands and each piece of jewellery is lovingly crafted to give the wearer a one of a kind piece.

We strive to bring alive what inspires us most and to give our customers truly unique pieces of art. Whether they wear it or decorate their home with our art, each piece is full of energy and showcases our passion for art.

Fallen into Fantasy designs; wear your passion!


If you have a favourite character or story that you would like created into your own unique jewellery piece send us a message and we’ll help realise your design!


Check out our Etsy store for available products: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/FallenIntoFantasy

If you’d like to contact us please send us an email to fallenintofantasy@gmail.com or post on our Facebook page.


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