Supergraph this weekend

Hi everyone , It’s been a while since we’ve checked in, the end of the year always goes so quickly. We’ve done a few markets and I spent a month in Perth while Fausto started his new job and has been crazy busy with commissions. We’re excited for Supergraph this weekend and exhibiting 6 ofContinue reading “Supergraph this weekend”

Vote for your favourite designs :D

Hope someone’s enjoying this beautiful Monday morning while I am stuck at work staring at the sunshine. So we’re thinking of making a calendar of the Feline Origins series seeing as we put so much effort into it :). I’m hoping people would be interested in buying one?? So we need your help picking outContinue reading “Vote for your favourite designs :D”

Feline Origins complete!

Hi everyone, I realise it’s been almost a month since I have posted here but it’s been a busy one! For those of you who haven’t been checking in on facebook we’ve been posting each of the new Feline Origins designs each week and we just posted out last three yesterday which means we’re allContinue reading “Feline Origins complete!”

Caturday week 3

  It’s time for another installment of Feline Origins! This time it’s a quick post of two more we have completed from the continent of Africa. We’re still working hard to get the rest of the series completed. Feline Origins: The Sokoke   From our Feline Origin prints series, which combines the culture of countriesContinue reading “Caturday week 3”

Caturday week 2

Hi everyone one, I posted on Facebook on Saturday our new release of the Feline Origin but didn’t have a chance to post here. So here you go! The next releases in our Feline Origin print series:   Feline Origins: The Burmese. From our Feline Origin prints series, which combines the culture of countries aroundContinue reading “Caturday week 2”

It’s Caturday!!!

    Hey everyone, it’s Caturday! You’re all probably not as nerdy as me and don’t know what that means but it means Saturday is Cat day for cute pics etc. It’s an internet thing lol. But anyway, it’s time for the release of our new print series!!! We’ve been working on these designs sinceContinue reading “It’s Caturday!!!”

Steampunk Jewellery

Hello everyone, We’ve been pretty busy lately working on our projects and everything else. I have been posting on our facebook page but haven’t had much time to do a blog so I am just going to do a quick one now. I have mostly been working on doing steampunk jewellery for the market whileContinue reading “Steampunk Jewellery”